1/7 G.A.D_INU Figure Pre-order

Expected Release Date: 2023/03/31
Series: G.A.D
Weight: Approximately 1000g


This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

Adapted from the GoodSmile website:

A new figure project based on illustrations by neco, creator of the original character series “A-Z:”, has begun! G.A.D_Inu is wearing a stylish tight suit with a beautifully decorated gauntlet on her left arm, and an expandable baton in her hand. Her black outfit complements her gray bobbed haircut and clear eyes, making for a distinctive look.

The figure also comes with a mask that can be attached to her face, providing a completely different look. Don’t miss the simple-yet-elegant base of the figure either — the base can be lined up and displayed together with G.A.D_Ten and G.A.D_Karasu. Order her for your own collection today!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 30.5cm tall, including base


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