1/10 DX Art Scale Stan Lee Statue

SKU: IRT24941

Manufacturer:Iron Studios
Size and Weight:30x26x12.7cm



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This is a completed and painted, fixed-pose figure.

The American comic book industry would be vastly different if it wasn’t for Stan Lee — and now Iron Studios adds the eternal Marvel legend himself to their Art Scale Statue lineup! With his ever-present smile, Stan’s standing with one foot propped up on some wooden boxes — a reference to the name of his editor’s column, “Soap Box”! The base of this DX version features a Marvel logo, the X-Men symbol, Iron Man’s helmet, Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield to the base, as well as a plate with Stan Lee’s signature! Even better, Stan is mimicking Spider-Man’s “web-shooter” firing gesture with his right hand. Every fold and wrinkle in his iconic white shirt and khaki trousers is carefully sculpted, and the entire sculpture is painted by hand. Add this true icon to your collection today!